You are tomorrow what you eat today. Our salads are ALIVE, FRESH and HEALTHY so that you can be too! They are all prepared using organic, pure & locally sourced ingredients — with high culinary technique, on a daily basis.
We really believe that each and every human should have access to quality nutrition without the hefty price tag.  Our ethos is to provide nutrient-dense foods, that don't sacrifice on taste at a price-point to cater for all households. We promise to only use locally sourced produce and products and at the same time, be as waste and cruelty-free as possible.
To keep the eco-cycle moving, we have teamed up with Seed The Ground (The Miami Compost Hub) to take all our scraps so they can put it back into the earth to create nutritious soil. Our packaging, labels and serving-ware are also, of course, compostable.
We hope to see you soon,
The Davies x